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About Us

Private Physician ServicesIncreasing Patient-Doctor Involvement

Advances in modern medicine have contributed to the longevity of our population. On average, an internist in the US is responsible for 3,000 patients. Traditional primary care practices, therefore, find it increasingly difficult to afford patients enough time to get to know them and their personal medical needs while attempting to keep up with scientific progress.

We participated in the practice of traditional primary care medicine until 2001, when we decided to change the traditional healthcare formula by increasing the patient to doctor involvement. We opened Private Physician Services, a concierge medical practice, as a result of our desire to provide excellent patient care to each patient in our practice.

By limiting the number of patients in our practice, patient familiarity increases so a health plan can be designed specific to each patient’s need. Fewer patients allow more one on one time resulting in a higher level of care than is normally available in a traditional practice. Having a reduced number of patients also allows more time for us to stay abreast of advances and new protocols in the ever changing medical landscape.

Patient-Doctor InvolvementUnprecedented Access to Care

Patients with chronic conditions need and deserve sustained follow up by a caring physician.  With this in mind, patients of Private Physician Services have direct physician access by cell phone and email.

Our Way of Caring is Different

We provide a private, convenient and comfortable office setting, with no lines, no waiting, and no pre-authorization required for visits.  You, the patient, are our only priority.

Our members retain their commercial or Medicare insurance coverage to satisfy costs incurred outside the office such as hospitalizations and consults to specialists.

PPS_3World Class Care and State of the Art Facilities

Our physicians maintain privileges at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. They continue to have close ties with their former colleagues at the world-renowned Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, should a specialized facility be required.

Our Mission

Our healthcare mission is to provide premium quality patient care with special emphasis on personal attention and prevention, in a professional, private, comfortable and convenient setting.

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