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Why is Private Physician Services different?

PPS was created because we believe there is a better way to practice medicine. Insurance companies dictate our current healthcare policies. They do not always have the patient’s best interest in mind. PPS is a new healthcare experience that puts you, the patient, first.

Each patient is unique and their medical care is based on many issues – family history, nutrition, exercise, as well as their emotional and mental well-being. We are interested in helping our patients not only live longer, but to live life to the fullest. We will care for them when they are ill, as well as use our knowledge for preventative care.


Who will benefit the most from Private Physician Services?

People who value their health, their time and who are interested in receiving individualized attention in a private, friendly and unhurried environment will benefit from our services.

Will I lose my Medicare Benefits?

Patients with Medicare will continue to enjoy their Medicare benefits for services outside of the office or outside the scope of PPS services. Medicare will work in its usual fashion when patients are hospitalized, see a specialist or perform testing outside the office.

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