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In The Midst of Coronavirus, We Thank You!

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Many of you have reached out offering different ways to help. You have provided us with personal protective equipment (PPE) which we, our families and our community appreciate immensely. Your assistance helps Carlos and Jose to continue to care for our hospitalized patients, provide home visits when necessary and perform testing in our own parking lot. Our office staff is committed to remaining as always available for you whenever you need us.

On Wednesday this week, there were 10 positive patients at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, half of those were severe enough to require intensive care. Let me repeat, 50% were critically ill. There were over 70 “persons under investigation or PUI” at the hospital as well. The number of positive cases continues to increase exponentially locally and nationally.

STATISTICS (according to Johns Hopkins and Fl Dept of Health as of 3/27/20 10 am)
• Total confirmed cases (worldwide): 553,244
• Total confirmed cases (US): 85,906
• Total deaths (U.S.): 1,307
• Total confirmed cases (Florida): 2,484
• Total deaths (Florida): 29

We continue to ask our patients to “stay home safely.” These orders have already been issued in neighboring counties including Tampa. You should connect with family and friends using technology. Leave home only for essential needs, such as groceries or medications.

We encourage you to remain active even at home. Be safe but get creative. Try to get your 30 minutes of daily exercise, which may be as simple as walking in your living room or lifting a 5 lb. bag of rice. Create safe activities adjusted for your own abilities.

In the event you do become ill, call us at Private Physician Services right away. Obtain your medical advice from us or from sources we select for you. Be wary of the many options being touted online, even those that may seem to come from health professionals. We remain up to date on any current therapeutic developments as they present on a constant basis.

Jose R. Santana Jr MD MPH FACP